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2011-11-14 12:03 pm

Ha, whoops

Looks like I forgot to cross-post my hiatus announcement here.

But first, please enjoy this goofy, suggestive photo I took of some vintage rubber kittens (erasers?) from my childhood.

Bad Kitties

Cross-posted from FA:

TL;DR: Kindly just read the sections which I have bolded for your convenience. ;)

Okay. It's past time to say something. I'm genuinely sorry that I didn't say anything sooner, but I wasn't sure myself what was going on, so I didn't know what to say.

I have NOT disappeared forever.
I am just taking a break.

It was not a planned break; otherwise I would've said something at the beginning.
I do not know how long this break will last, but I WILL resume posting at some point.
...And yes, for those who have been asking, I'm still going to finish the comic. I just don't know when.

Just pretend I've been cryogenically frozen. :P

My life goals and priorities have decided to overhaul themselves without warning me. This happens to me sometimes. It's just the natural rhythm of my growth.

For a time, I considered art to be a job. I was exploring and testing the possibility of incorporating it into my overall career. This exploration led me to discover that, while I love doing it and want to keep doing it for as long as I'm able, it's just not My Thing in that sense.

I'll probably still open for commissions every once in a while (not too often), and I am still interested in doing comics and at least one graphic novel, which, yes, I may try to publish and make some money with. Someday. But art is clearly not the right choice for my full-time activity.

I am busy chasing down the best choice. I'm pretty sure I already know what it is, but I have to put in the work.

This period of my life is for the bullheaded pursuit of various life possibilities. I'm still looking for a regular day job, but on top of that I am also busy doing other activities that demand my attention. I have to do them now, because I probably won't be able to later.

I had to sacrifice something in order to free up the time and energy for these things; I sacrificed art.

I also sacrificed spending time on FA [and this blog!!], so please do not be offended or surprised if I do not respond to you.

It's not for good.
I'll be back.

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2011-08-18 10:29 am



Yowayowa Camera Woman takes photos of herself floating. Unfortunately, it looks like she hasn't updated her website since spring, but you should go look at her pictures anyway.

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2011-08-15 09:25 pm
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Just what you needed. More ponies.

"I R serius farm pwny."


THERE! They're out of my system.

...or ARE they??
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2011-08-15 07:06 pm


Reference/character sheet for Miles the spotted hyena. Her legal name is Emilia, but I would strongly advise against calling her that.

Titties and general nakedness )

Miles is a side character in the comic project I'm developing. She's probably fun/interesting enough to be a main character, but there are only so many protagonists a project can have. Plus, she doesn't really have the complex psychological layers of the others, so... maybe she'll get her own offshoot comic someday. It'd probably be porn.

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2011-08-13 03:53 pm
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Corgilele WIPs

Remember this guy?

I went ahead and colored him.

corgilele02 corgilele03 corgilele04

The WIPs above amount to about 11-12 hours of work, and I wasn't completely happy with the way it was turning out. Then I got a new tablet, and decided to go for a partial re-do with gentler colors and more intense shadows.

corgilele05 corgilele06 corgilele07

Total completion time was around 20 hours, but because of the partial re-do, only 12 of those hours actually contributed to the final image.

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2011-08-09 01:46 pm
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Everypony loves a lesbian

I call them Moonflower and Buzzle. You may call them Femme and Butch. Because they totally are.

And just in case the world needed some coquettish Derpy Hooves, here she is.

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2011-08-08 11:59 pm

Night owl, & a Tumblr

A watercolor/marker doodle that would have been done more justice if I'd done it digitally.

Also, I went ahead and got my ass a Tumblr, to see if I like it better than Flickr (or, dog forbid, better than Dreamwidth). If you care, the uncensored versions of the adult/naked pics I've posted here are on there in all their phallic glory.

Outside of that, I don't expect there to be much content posted there that is not posted here. How much I even use the stupid thing will be a matter of trial and error. I have too many accounts on too many sites and services as it is.

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2011-08-04 07:46 pm

Vacation Pictures

...By which I mean art, not photos.


About 8x11", watercolor and Micron pen. This is one of the many lovely views from the house we were staying at in Truro, Massachusetts (the quiet part of Cape Cod). This is also the picture I was working on while I got a lovely purple-colored sunburn all over my upper body.


A failed stylistic experiment. I'm really clueless with watercolors, man.


A drunk-doodle.

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2011-07-18 06:16 pm

Fall in repose


Sketch of Fall, an intersexed wolf/African wild dog. (His right arm is totally in the wrong place, isn't it.) Amazing No-Genitals version!

Ugh. Seriously, if anybody reading this has any suggestions for a free image-hosting site that doesn't demand censorship (or membership in order to view adult-flagged material), please let me know. I don't want to abandon Dreamwidth to get a Tumblr, but. This censorship bullshit is making me not want to post to this blog anymore.

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2011-07-13 02:16 pm
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Clouds rolling in

Finally I seem to be getting back into the art groove. Some sketches, WIPs, and the like are on their way to the blog this month, and comic pages and a few color pieces should show up on my FA page as well.

For now, a (color-tweaked) photo of Gus the goldendoodle and some kickass storm clouds.


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2011-06-11 05:14 pm

Oh yeah, I have an art blog

I actually haven't forgotten about this blog. I'm just in one of those infamous transitional periods of life — the kind where you move in with your parents while you look online for a new job in a new city.

Later this month, I'm taking a train to said city for some face-to-face job hunting. It'll be good to break my internet-induced habit of anonymity. I'll be there about a week.

Somnium Lupus, for those who've been reading it, will begin updating again before I go. I know I said early June, but it hasn't been my highest priority. Hence, mid-June.

Anyway, have some art.


Ink and marker, 9x12". Censored because Flickr sucks. The digitally colored and uncensored version is on my FA, here.

Why didn't I try using actual marker paper before now? It's so much better and faster.
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2011-04-25 04:46 pm
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Confound These Ponies

Another OC. The design popped into my head and it wouldn't go away until I sacrificed 45 precious minutes to draw the persistent little bastard.

Includes blank-flank edition!

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2011-04-25 04:30 pm
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Map Reading

Personal sketch for my sanity. Also, first page in the new sketchbook. It looks like it wants color. I'm particularly pleased with how his head/face turned out. Tris' head shape keeps evolving, and this one actually looks like he's a dobe/basenji mix for once.

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2011-04-16 01:29 pm


Nonsensical 5-minute paint mess to deflower my new sketchbook and clear my head for a brief, blissful moment. The pinstripe pattern is what the inside covers looked like. Masking tape, Sharpies, ink, acrylics.

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2011-04-10 12:37 pm
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Corgilele, and Life Plans

Here, have an ukulele-playing corgi.


This is what my April looks like:

• Just took on a large commission due at the end of the month; I’ve got 3 weeks to do the biggest non-personal project I’ve taken on yet, but when it’s done my final month of rent will be paid.
• Catching up/Keeping up with “Somnium Lupus”. The next two pages are in various states of penciling, and will probably both be finished at around the same time.
*(My sketching process is much slower than usual since the time off. These things should not be taking this long to get right. I wish I could take another week to just do nothing but low-pressure practice sketches, but. Nothing to do now but soldier on.)
• Plotting out logistics for moving; start packing some things. I will be moving halfway across the country at the end of May, bunking at my parents’ house for a month or two, and then moving north to start over in a new city.
• Having as much sex as possible with my partner of five years, because when our apartment lease expires and we move to opposite ends of the country for many very good reasons, our relationship will become long-distance for dog knows how long.
• Getting my pup to the dog park as often as possible for socialization, to minimize the risk that he’ll start a fight with my parents’ dogs while we’re staying there.
• (Evidently) experiencing paradigm shifts in two fairly major areas of my inner life: my belief system, and my survivor status.
• Turning another year older already, and figuring out what I want to do to celebrate. 26 on the 26th, baby!

I was going to do Script Frenzy too, to bang out a rough draft of the SL sequel, but my plate filled up alarmingly fast.

I can’t even see through this thick fog to what May will be like, but it will probably involve a lot of packing, twice the stress level, and three times the “I’ll miss you” sex.
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2011-03-22 11:36 pm
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[I'm in a pretty bad depressive episode right now. I'm barely functional at the most basic level. The only things that seem to be working to get me through the hours are: snuggling with my dog, and My Little Pony.

I'm a 25-year-old man and my mind is being held together by magical talking cartoon ponies based on a toy line aimed at 4-year-old girls. Wtf.]


I never planned on making a persona pony. Oops.

His name is Scribbler. It's not immediately obvious but he has a black dorsal stripe in addition to the other markings. Most of my customs end up with dorsal stripes, so I guess it makes sense that he would, too. Call it a signature design element, or something.
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2011-03-14 01:46 pm
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So, for those who aren't already aware, I'm totally a brony. Original generation, thank you; I was into ponies back in the '80s, and some portion of my brain is permanently earmarked "OMG PONIES YAY!" I watch Friendship is Magic, I make customs, and I like to design OCs. This is one of them.


I am not ashamed. Ponies are love.

Besides, they give me something else to do while waiting for my new Prismacolors to arrive in the mail. I'd heard before I got into using them that they dry up quickly; however, I underestimated just how quickly. And since I'm broke, a couple of people on FA donated some funds so I could get some replacements and keep going with SL. Their thank-you gift art is in the works as well. :)
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2011-03-11 02:26 pm
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[Woof] The Mountain and the Leaves

Written for [community profile] originalfic100. These stories will be based in the universe I described in the werewolf meme.

Word Count: 995
Rating: R (multiple F-bombs)
Summary: Simon (a werewolf) has to decide whether it's worth risking serious discrimination in order to be open about his relationship with Justine (not a werewolf).
Author's Notes: Since I didn't have any characters for Woof, I decided to recycle Simon from a previous project that was aborted mid-birth. He used to be gay. I'm not sure what happened there.

The Mountain and the Leaves )
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2011-03-10 03:10 pm
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Fennec + SL sketch

Fennec fox doodle. I may make a full-blown character out of him/her; I'm thinking either white or sky blue for the markings.


An early sketch for Somnium Lupus, from before I'd made up my mind whether I wanted the ram to be a sheep or a goat. I think I like him better without the beard.


No refs used for either of these, if that wasn't obvious. ^^'
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2011-02-14 11:10 am
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Facial expressions

Here are some early (sloppy) facial expression doodles for Dias, the main character of the "Somnium Lupus" comic. This was before I gave him the beard.