Aug. 15th, 2011 07:06 pm
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Reference/character sheet for Miles the spotted hyena. Her legal name is Emilia, but I would strongly advise against calling her that.

Titties and general nakedness )

Miles is a side character in the comic project I'm developing. She's probably fun/interesting enough to be a main character, but there are only so many protagonists a project can have. Plus, she doesn't really have the complex psychological layers of the others, so... maybe she'll get her own offshoot comic someday. It'd probably be porn.

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Fennec fox doodle. I may make a full-blown character out of him/her; I'm thinking either white or sky blue for the markings.


An early sketch for Somnium Lupus, from before I'd made up my mind whether I wanted the ram to be a sheep or a goat. I think I like him better without the beard.


No refs used for either of these, if that wasn't obvious. ^^'
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Here are some early (sloppy) facial expression doodles for Dias, the main character of the "Somnium Lupus" comic. This was before I gave him the beard.

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I have a script for a short (13-page) comic that I've been sitting on for several years now. Ideally I'd like to complete it sometime this summer, which, given how long comics take, means starting work on it now.

I'm still trying to hammer down what sort of style I'm going to use. Right now I'm leaning toward ink, possibly with thick outlines, and greyscale marker texturing, with digital color/simple shading overlaid on that. I was given two sets of Prismacolors for christmas, warm and cool grey, and I'm itchin' to use them for something other than "just playing around".

I'm still such a rookie, though.

These are some portraits of my two main characters. Just trying to see how they translate into markers.

With digital shading & color added:

Two more One and a half more experiments with markering in fur texture and digital slaps of color:

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