Aug. 15th, 2011 07:06 pm
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Reference/character sheet for Miles the spotted hyena. Her legal name is Emilia, but I would strongly advise against calling her that.

Titties and general nakedness )

Miles is a side character in the comic project I'm developing. She's probably fun/interesting enough to be a main character, but there are only so many protagonists a project can have. Plus, she doesn't really have the complex psychological layers of the others, so... maybe she'll get her own offshoot comic someday. It'd probably be porn.

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Ganked this awesome meme from Wolf-Nymph on FurAffinity, who ganked it from Myenia. And I'm not the sort of person who usually describes memes as "awesome".

The (long, elaborate) Werewolf Meme )

This actually isn't as snarky as it sounds. My personal werewolf ethos is very much a modern-day, culturally specific affair. There are no ancient rivalries with vampires (there are no undead people, period); there are no pseudo-Native-American themes except with characters who are actually Native American (and then it's the real thing); there are no mafia-movie "packs" having underground turf wars with each other.

There are, instead, computers, political squabbles, sexual revolutions, clever bumper stickers, psychological diagnoses, special guest stars on talk shows, families, friends, food stamps, car crashes on the way to work, college dorms, sarcasm, cheap cereal, endangered species, survival prostitution, voluntary prostitution, failed relationships, missing socks, buskers with acoustic guitars, and flat tires on your bicycle.

I like it this way because it feels real to me. This crap is the type of society that has informed my reality from Day One, and it's hyper-American, and it's classist and racist and sexist, and the system is absolutely broken, and still there are queer people everywhere. And I don't just mean queer in the sexual-orientation sense; I mean everyone who naturally differs from the standard, and who loves that difference, and who embraces their difficult position as one of society's freaks.

I don't need to make up some elaborate alternate universe in order to make werewolves believable. They would fit in perfectly with this world.



Sep. 7th, 2010 03:02 pm
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I'm still obsessing off-and-on about this new character and figured I'd share something of him. Here's the sketch for him in his non-anthro form, which I may or may not ever use:


He's a bit fluffier than this shows, so you can't normally see his bones, but that's about how rangy he is under the fur. He's half wolf, half African wild dog.


Aug. 24th, 2010 07:02 pm
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A friend of mine is working on a freehand embroidery piece of two Celtic-style otters swimming through loose Celtic knots of seaweed. It's every bit as kickass as it sounds. I'm totally stealing the idea.

I went with wolves instead of otters, and a relaxed pattern of stylization that could only be described as "Celtic" by the farthest stretch of the imagination. I just tried to let the lines flow with the anatomy and markings. Now I need to figure out some kind of background.


I don't know if using this as an embroidery pattern would even be feasible. This'll take some planning. Here's a color mockup I did that will never be embroidered because it has gradients:

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It seems to be less of a daisy and more of a freakish lovechild between a daisy and a dandelion. Daisylion? Maybe that's why the rat is so curious about it.

I'm thinking the concept might make a good stencil. We'll see what happens.

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