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Nov. 14th, 2011 12:03 pm
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Looks like I forgot to cross-post my hiatus announcement here.

But first, please enjoy this goofy, suggestive photo I took of some vintage rubber kittens (erasers?) from my childhood.

Bad Kitties

Cross-posted from FA:

TL;DR: Kindly just read the sections which I have bolded for your convenience. ;)

Okay. It's past time to say something. I'm genuinely sorry that I didn't say anything sooner, but I wasn't sure myself what was going on, so I didn't know what to say.

I have NOT disappeared forever.
I am just taking a break.

It was not a planned break; otherwise I would've said something at the beginning.
I do not know how long this break will last, but I WILL resume posting at some point.
...And yes, for those who have been asking, I'm still going to finish the comic. I just don't know when.

Just pretend I've been cryogenically frozen. :P

My life goals and priorities have decided to overhaul themselves without warning me. This happens to me sometimes. It's just the natural rhythm of my growth.

For a time, I considered art to be a job. I was exploring and testing the possibility of incorporating it into my overall career. This exploration led me to discover that, while I love doing it and want to keep doing it for as long as I'm able, it's just not My Thing in that sense.

I'll probably still open for commissions every once in a while (not too often), and I am still interested in doing comics and at least one graphic novel, which, yes, I may try to publish and make some money with. Someday. But art is clearly not the right choice for my full-time activity.

I am busy chasing down the best choice. I'm pretty sure I already know what it is, but I have to put in the work.

This period of my life is for the bullheaded pursuit of various life possibilities. I'm still looking for a regular day job, but on top of that I am also busy doing other activities that demand my attention. I have to do them now, because I probably won't be able to later.

I had to sacrifice something in order to free up the time and energy for these things; I sacrificed art.

I also sacrificed spending time on FA [and this blog!!], so please do not be offended or surprised if I do not respond to you.

It's not for good.
I'll be back.

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I actually haven't forgotten about this blog. I'm just in one of those infamous transitional periods of life — the kind where you move in with your parents while you look online for a new job in a new city.

Later this month, I'm taking a train to said city for some face-to-face job hunting. It'll be good to break my internet-induced habit of anonymity. I'll be there about a week.

Somnium Lupus, for those who've been reading it, will begin updating again before I go. I know I said early June, but it hasn't been my highest priority. Hence, mid-June.

Anyway, have some art.


Ink and marker, 9x12". Censored because Flickr sucks. The digitally colored and uncensored version is on my FA, here.

Why didn't I try using actual marker paper before now? It's so much better and faster.
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Here, have an ukulele-playing corgi.


This is what my April looks like:

• Just took on a large commission due at the end of the month; I’ve got 3 weeks to do the biggest non-personal project I’ve taken on yet, but when it’s done my final month of rent will be paid.
• Catching up/Keeping up with “Somnium Lupus”. The next two pages are in various states of penciling, and will probably both be finished at around the same time.
*(My sketching process is much slower than usual since the time off. These things should not be taking this long to get right. I wish I could take another week to just do nothing but low-pressure practice sketches, but. Nothing to do now but soldier on.)
• Plotting out logistics for moving; start packing some things. I will be moving halfway across the country at the end of May, bunking at my parents’ house for a month or two, and then moving north to start over in a new city.
• Having as much sex as possible with my partner of five years, because when our apartment lease expires and we move to opposite ends of the country for many very good reasons, our relationship will become long-distance for dog knows how long.
• Getting my pup to the dog park as often as possible for socialization, to minimize the risk that he’ll start a fight with my parents’ dogs while we’re staying there.
• (Evidently) experiencing paradigm shifts in two fairly major areas of my inner life: my belief system, and my survivor status.
• Turning another year older already, and figuring out what I want to do to celebrate. 26 on the 26th, baby!

I was going to do Script Frenzy too, to bang out a rough draft of the SL sequel, but my plate filled up alarmingly fast.

I can’t even see through this thick fog to what May will be like, but it will probably involve a lot of packing, twice the stress level, and three times the “I’ll miss you” sex.
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First, an update on my busted hand: It is no longer busted. It still gets pretty damn sore/tingly when I use it for a while, but my theory is that the injury did something to aggravate the carpal tunnel that I already had. So I guess I'm going to be wearing a brace more and more often from now on. Bummer.

But! I can draw again.

Second, an update on me: I'm at a really weird place in my life right now. I moved to a new city in November, got a job in December, was laid off in January (woo timing), and haven't been able to find work since. I've made very few friends in all this time, so not only am I broke, I'm lonely too. I started working on a new novel over the winter, but totally lost the story around June.

I'm not cut out to be a househusband. I don't mind cleaning and cooking and taking care of the dog; it's just that I need something else to do with my day. Something bigger than my apartment, more consequential than art (or novels that die in childbirth), and important to other people. I've given this city a chance for almost a year; it hasn't given me anything in return.

My partner and I are giving serious thought to skipping Dodge. We have several options for new locations, but there's some debate still over which one offers the most potential for happiness. Once we make up our minds I'll feel better; but right now, I'm in an environment that makes me feel like my existence is a mistake, and I don't know where to go.

...My response? Throw my entire mental faculty into the creation of a new furry character. Potentially for a comic. I know everyone's doing comics these days, but I've done them before. I did it before it was cool. So there.

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