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Sketch of Fall, an intersexed wolf/African wild dog. (His right arm is totally in the wrong place, isn't it.) Amazing No-Genitals version!

Ugh. Seriously, if anybody reading this has any suggestions for a free image-hosting site that doesn't demand censorship (or membership in order to view adult-flagged material), please let me know. I don't want to abandon Dreamwidth to get a Tumblr, but. This censorship bullshit is making me not want to post to this blog anymore.

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Personal sketch for my sanity. Also, first page in the new sketchbook. It looks like it wants color. I'm particularly pleased with how his head/face turned out. Tris' head shape keeps evolving, and this one actually looks like he's a dobe/basenji mix for once.

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Here, have an ukulele-playing corgi.


This is what my April looks like:

• Just took on a large commission due at the end of the month; I’ve got 3 weeks to do the biggest non-personal project I’ve taken on yet, but when it’s done my final month of rent will be paid.
• Catching up/Keeping up with “Somnium Lupus”. The next two pages are in various states of penciling, and will probably both be finished at around the same time.
*(My sketching process is much slower than usual since the time off. These things should not be taking this long to get right. I wish I could take another week to just do nothing but low-pressure practice sketches, but. Nothing to do now but soldier on.)
• Plotting out logistics for moving; start packing some things. I will be moving halfway across the country at the end of May, bunking at my parents’ house for a month or two, and then moving north to start over in a new city.
• Having as much sex as possible with my partner of five years, because when our apartment lease expires and we move to opposite ends of the country for many very good reasons, our relationship will become long-distance for dog knows how long.
• Getting my pup to the dog park as often as possible for socialization, to minimize the risk that he’ll start a fight with my parents’ dogs while we’re staying there.
• (Evidently) experiencing paradigm shifts in two fairly major areas of my inner life: my belief system, and my survivor status.
• Turning another year older already, and figuring out what I want to do to celebrate. 26 on the 26th, baby!

I was going to do Script Frenzy too, to bang out a rough draft of the SL sequel, but my plate filled up alarmingly fast.

I can’t even see through this thick fog to what May will be like, but it will probably involve a lot of packing, twice the stress level, and three times the “I’ll miss you” sex.
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Fennec fox doodle. I may make a full-blown character out of him/her; I'm thinking either white or sky blue for the markings.


An early sketch for Somnium Lupus, from before I'd made up my mind whether I wanted the ram to be a sheep or a goat. I think I like him better without the beard.


No refs used for either of these, if that wasn't obvious. ^^'
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Here are some early (sloppy) facial expression doodles for Dias, the main character of the "Somnium Lupus" comic. This was before I gave him the beard.



Jan. 21st, 2011 10:46 am
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Looks like I forgot to post this.

Warmup/for fun sketch. May or may not be colored in the future.
He's FtM. Or FtX. Or something. He's genderqueer.

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