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A watercolor/marker doodle that would have been done more justice if I'd done it digitally.

Also, I went ahead and got my ass a Tumblr, to see if I like it better than Flickr (or, dog forbid, better than Dreamwidth). If you care, the uncensored versions of the adult/naked pics I've posted here are on there in all their phallic glory.

Outside of that, I don't expect there to be much content posted there that is not posted here. How much I even use the stupid thing will be a matter of trial and error. I have too many accounts on too many sites and services as it is.

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...By which I mean art, not photos.


About 8x11", watercolor and Micron pen. This is one of the many lovely views from the house we were staying at in Truro, Massachusetts (the quiet part of Cape Cod). This is also the picture I was working on while I got a lovely purple-colored sunburn all over my upper body.


A failed stylistic experiment. I'm really clueless with watercolors, man.


A drunk-doodle.

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I actually haven't forgotten about this blog. I'm just in one of those infamous transitional periods of life — the kind where you move in with your parents while you look online for a new job in a new city.

Later this month, I'm taking a train to said city for some face-to-face job hunting. It'll be good to break my internet-induced habit of anonymity. I'll be there about a week.

Somnium Lupus, for those who've been reading it, will begin updating again before I go. I know I said early June, but it hasn't been my highest priority. Hence, mid-June.

Anyway, have some art.


Ink and marker, 9x12". Censored because Flickr sucks. The digitally colored and uncensored version is on my FA, here.

Why didn't I try using actual marker paper before now? It's so much better and faster.


Apr. 16th, 2011 01:29 pm
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Nonsensical 5-minute paint mess to deflower my new sketchbook and clear my head for a brief, blissful moment. The pinstripe pattern is what the inside covers looked like. Masking tape, Sharpies, ink, acrylics.

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Did this up last night. Trying to find a balance of contrast to use in the comic. This is definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum. ...And his head shape is little bit wonky. Bulbous, even.

Prismacolor markers and graphite, 3x4".

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I have a script for a short (13-page) comic that I've been sitting on for several years now. Ideally I'd like to complete it sometime this summer, which, given how long comics take, means starting work on it now.

I'm still trying to hammer down what sort of style I'm going to use. Right now I'm leaning toward ink, possibly with thick outlines, and greyscale marker texturing, with digital color/simple shading overlaid on that. I was given two sets of Prismacolors for christmas, warm and cool grey, and I'm itchin' to use them for something other than "just playing around".

I'm still such a rookie, though.

These are some portraits of my two main characters. Just trying to see how they translate into markers.

With digital shading & color added:

Two more One and a half more experiments with markering in fur texture and digital slaps of color:

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My ink work needs... work. It's not as obvious on the resize, but there's a lot of inconsistency. I know I could do better. It's just putting in all the practice time.


For an art trade, to be colored.


Gift art, also to be colored.

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